POWES Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in Gdansk

"South Baltic Offshore Energy Regions"


POWES together with other Partners take part in "South Baltic Offshore Energy Regions" project.


South Baltic OFFER is an international project implemented by institutions and organizations engaged in promoting offshore wind energy development in five countries of the South Baltic Region, i.e. Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland.


The main objective of the project is to identify industry potential, in terms of production and service offer related to offshore wind energy, in the regions represented by project Partners. Within the project framework, technical cooperation and eventually networking platform for entrepreneurships is planned to be built. By exchanging experience and information, Polish companies will extend attractiveness of their offer and in result will take a part in realization of contracts for delivery of the products for offshore wind farms.


In addition, analysis of the entrepreneurships needs related to both, technical as well as management offshore workers are included in the project action plan. This will be done by surveys and questionnaires. Based on the results, adequate training proposal and its implementation at the universities involved in the project will be provided. In order to help for personnel self-development, e-learning tools will be prepared and made accessible. It is anticipated that the scope of mentioned tools will include the most crucial areas of offshore wind sector.


Project Partners:

  Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH   Germany
  German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation   Germany
  Guldborgsund Municipality   Denmark
  Risoe Danish Technical University   Denmark
  Solvesborg Municipality   Sweden
  City of Karlskrona   Sweden
  CORPI – Costal Research and Planning Institute   Lithuania
  Self-Management Institute   Lithuania
  Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society   Poland
  Pomeranian Centre for Environmental Research and Technology (POMCERT)   Poland


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