POWES Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in Gdansk


OFFSHORE Academy is a program of professional trainings and seminars dedicated to offshore wind energy, implemented by the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in co-operation with Maritime Institute of Gdansk and branch partners. Branch partners of the pilot phase of the OFFSHORE Academy in 2012 were Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and GL Garrad Hassan.


Mission and objectives

Mission of the OFFSHORE Academy is providing all the interested parties a with direct access to information on the most up to date knowledge and best practices in the field of planning, designing, implementation and operation of the offshore wind farms as well as on preparation and ogranisation of production and services for the offshore wind energy sector.

Besides the knowledge and experience transfer, the OFFSHORE Academy aims at broadening a discussion on the possible application of technical, legal and organizational solutions in the Polish offshore wind energy.


Program Committee

The Program Committee of the OFFSHORE Academy is constituted by the representatives of PTMEW and branch partners – Maritime Institute in Gdansk. The Committee elaborates and approves framework plan of trainings and seminars and holds supervision on the quality of the organized events.


Forms of activity

OFFSHORE Academy realizes its objectives by organization of branch trainigs and seminars of cyclic character, dedicated to specific technical and/or scientific aspects of the offshore wind energy, presented by high-class technical experts and scientists active at the European market.

Besides stationary forms of trainings, the Academy organizes study visits and external seminars as well as conducts publishing activity.


Addressees of tranings and seminars

Program of the OFFSHORE Academy is being addressed to:
investors and developers elaborating wind farm projects to be located at the Polish maritime areas,
specialists and experts offering their services at the preparation and implementation of the offshore wind farms,
producers and suppliers offering their products to the offshore wind energy sector,
Staff of the public administration, conducting administrative procedures related to implementation of the offshore
    wind energy,
representatives of academic and scientific environments interested in educational, research and implementation
    activities related to offshore wind energy.