POWES Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in Gdansk

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Polenergia and Equinor complete the UXO seabed survey

The seabed survey aimed to check the presence of unexploaded ornance in the Baltic II and Baltic III OWF areas.

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Ulstein reveals a new hydrogen hybrid design for an offshore wind installation vessel

In 75% of the time he jack-up will be able to operate in zero emission mode.

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GE to deliver 13 MW turbines for the world’s largest offshore wind farm

A joint venture between SSE Renewables and Equinor has selected a turbine supplier to power the Dogger Bank A&B offshore wind farm.

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Great Britain and the Netherlands plan to link offshore wind farms

The companies intend to use jointly 4 GW offshore wind farms as interconnectors to power grids of both countries.

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All Borssele 1&2 turbines stand up

The farm is located 22 km off Zeeland coast. Borssele 1&2 will be fully commissioned in October this year. It will be the largest OWF in Netherlands.

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