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Polish TSO declares interconnection of 8GW from OWFs

Eryk Kłossowski - CEO of Polish TSO, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. in a conversation with Rzeczpospolita on the plans for the offshore grid development in terms of interconnection of 8GW from offshore wind farms.

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PGE presents the offshore wind project to the European Commission

"Price is not an counterargument any more. The costs are decreasing" said Mrs. Monika Morawiecka of PGE.

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Energa and Enea express their interest in offshore wind sector investments

Recently, CEO`s of both companies made such a declarations.

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PKN Orlen to continue offshore wind project

PKN ORLEN has announced a tender for the development of a preliminary technical concept to determine the options for preparing and implementing a project involving the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

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PGE aims at 2,5GW from offshore wind farms till 2030

President Baranowski: 'the changing environment, both regulatory and technological, justifies the implementation of a wind farm project with a capacity of about 1,000 MW in the perspective of the middle of the next decade'.

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