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PGE: first OWF project of the Group to be 'ready to build' in 2021

PGE wants to ensure the highest possible participation of Polish enterprises in the supply chain for the project.

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Deputy Minister of Energy Tobiszowski: offshore wind draft special act to be ready in 2019

Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski in a speech addressed to the participants of the 13th PWEA Conference, which took place on November 6-8. in Serock, presented preliminary plans of the Ministry regarding the preparation of the draft special act regulating the offshore wind energy market in Poland.

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FRS Windcat establishes new subsidiary FRS Windcat Polska for the upcoming Polish Offshore Wind Energy Industry

FRS Windcat started to train Polish skippers on its Crew Transfer Vessels (-CTVs) which are operating in the Baltic Sea.

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Offshore wind special act to be presented to Ministry of Energy in September

In an interview with the Head of the Parliamentary Group for the Offshore Wind Energy Zbigniew Gryglas reveals details of the work on the special act dedicated to offshore wind energy.

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CRIST realizes another two project for the offshore wind sector

CRIST shipyard will deliver two X-bow bodies designed for OSV.

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