POWES Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in Gdansk


The main goal of the organization is to support  the offshore wind energy sector in Poland and promote  an economic development that is directly connected with the offshore wind energy based on the use of innovative technology respecting the rules of the environmental protection.

The statute goals of POWES’s  are being realized by:

  • active participation in the legislative processes that lead to a creation of a friendly legal surrounding that enables an effective realization of the investments in offshore wind farms
  • supporting the companies that are active in the offshore wind energy sector that lead to the preparation of the production and service offer for the offshore wind energy sector in order to increase the competitiveness of the Polish companies on the European market
  • information and promotion activities through organizing conferences, seminars and professional training addressed to the entities from the public and private sector, as well as a publishing activity
  • cooperation with the organizations from the line of business, companies and public administration entities that are responsible for the development of the offshore wind energy within the scope of the international initiatives financed by the European union whose goal is to transfer the practical experiences and innovative technical solutions that increase the competitiveness of the Polish offshore industry